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Burn Gel Dressing

Burn Gel Dressing

First Aid

Burn Gel Dressing
First Aid

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A foam dressing impregnated with burn gel for the immediate first aid treatment of minor burns, scalds and sunburns. The gel rapidly cools and soothes the injury, prevents further tissue damage and offers a rapid and ongoing pain relief.
The dressings are individually packed in a sealed, terminally sterilized pouches, that easily can be teared open. Two Cederroth Burn Gel Dressings are included in each consumer box.
The Cederroth Burn Gel Dressing box fits into Cederroth First Aid Stations.


Content per consumer unit (case)

Product/Material# Dimensions (mm) Quantity
Burn gel dressing in sealed pouch, sterile. Single use. Dressing 100 x100
Pouch 124 x 124


Burn Gel: Dressing: Pouch: Box:
Water(96%) based gel with propylene glycol, glycerol, emulsifier and surfactant. Polyurethane foam, 3 mm thick Laminate of PE/ALU/PET Carton

Shelf life: 5 years