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Blue Plaster Detectable

Blue Plaster Detectable

First Aid

Blue Plaster Detectable
First Aid

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Detectable, sterile adhesive bandages (plasters), of two sizes, medium and senior, packed in a cardboard refill intended for the Cederroth (Salvequick) dispenser for adhesive bandages. The sterile bandages are protected by a paper cap.
The Salvequick Detectable bandages are detectable by most common metal detectors and the blue color also makes them easy to detect visually, which makes these plasters suitable for restaurants and the food industry.
The plasters can easily be pulled out with just one hand and applied on the wound.
The adhesive bandages consist of a backing, evenly spread with an adhesive coating and with an absorbent pad fixed centrally to the dressing. When the adhesive bandage is pulled out from the package, the lower cover will remain behind. Thus one half of the bandage can be applied with one hand and after removing the cap and the rest of the cover the plaster is ready for use.


Content per consumer unit

Product/Material Quantity Dimensions(mm)
Refill packages 6 30 x 88 x100
Per refill package: Quantity Dressing Wound Pad
Medium plasters 21 72 x 19 24 x 12
Senior plasters 14 72 x 25 24 x 17


Film/backing: Blue, soft and flexible polyurethane/polystyrene foil
Adhesive Acrylate
Wound pad Laminate of viscose, polypropylene, polyethylene with polyethylene wound contact layer and a metal detectable aluminium foil.
Facing Siliconized paper and plastic
Protective paper Coldseal paper coated with latex-based adhesive and a paper cap
Wrapping Carton