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Breathing Mask

Breathing Mask

First Aid

Breathing Mask
First Aid

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A breathing mask that consists of a one-way valve (green upper part, red lower part and a membrane) and a plastic sheet with graphic instructions printed on it. The Breathing mask is packed in a plastic zip bag.

The device is intended to be used as an aid of assistance when giving mouth-tomouth resuscitation to an injured person. The device is also intended to work as a barrier and limit the contact between the resuscitator and the injured person’s blood, secrete, vomit and other body fluids.


Content per consumer unit

Product/Material Quantity Dimensions (mm)
Breathing mask (plastic sheet with valve) 1 27 ± 0,5 x 25 ± 0,5
Thickness 0,1 mm


Plastic sheet: Valve, green upper part: Valve, red lower part: Valve, sealing: Valve, membrane Plastic zip bag
PVC with phtalate (DEHP, DMP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, DNOP) contents < 0.003% Green ABS- plastic Red ABS-plastic Red ABS-plastic Red TPE (Thermoplastic polyester) Low density polyethylene

Shelf life: 5 years from production date