Brand - Lomar (Square - 200x200)


LOMAR Was Established in the year 2013. Disposables from LOMAR Brand have a reputation for being of high quality at a reasonable price within the UAE market.

Brand - Top Glove

Top Glove

Established in 1991 in Malaysia and has since expanded from a single factory to become the largest glove manufacturer in the world. With operations in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, the USA, Germany, and Brazil, Top Glove provide gloves to protect lives in every corner of the world, accounting for 26% of the global market for rubber gloves. They have a large range of Latex Gloves, Vinyl Gloves and Nitrile Gloves.

Brand - KAI Medical (Square - 200x200)

KAI Medical

KAI MEDICAL Located in Japan specialises in high quality cutting tools in the fields of dermatology and ophthalmology including Dermal curette and Biopsy Punch. KAI MEDICAL products are recognized throughout the world for their outstanding quality, remarkable sharpness, and user-friendly design. KAI MEDICAL is continually enhancing the quality of its goods to ensure they meet the incredibly rigorous quality standards for medical devices.

Brand - Cederroth (Square - 200x200)


Cederroth, a subsidiary of Orkla Healthcare Sweden, have created ground-breaking products and solutions that allow regular people to give first aid without the need for specialized training Since 1970s. Cederroth product line has grown over time to include a variety of items like eye wash and wound treatment and cleansing Products. First Aid supplies made by Cederroth are a common sight in many workplaces including their PH buffered eye wash, 4-in-1 dressings as well as their First Aid and Burn Stations.

Brand - Minitube (Square - 200x200)


Minitube, headquartered in the northern Swedish town of Trngsviken, where the business is now Located. Early production was primarily focused on Thermometer Sheaths (Probe Cover). The product line has grown over time to include a variety of single-use barriers for use in medical and dental applications.

Brand - Gima (Square - 200x200)


Gima is the Leading Italian company and has 94 years of experience in the medical industry and sells a vast range of medical products through dealers and distributors in more than 145 nations worldwide. Al Maqam medical supplies is the one of the Leading suppliers of Gima Products in United Arab Emirates.

Brand - Comen (Square - 200x200)


Comen, a manufacturer of medical devices with R&D capabilities for the needs of healthcare professionals, was established in Shenzhen, China, in 2002. Comen is dedicated to offering the most complete monitoring product line, the first NICU solution, and the best OR & ICU solution in the world, all while adhering to the end-user-focused philosophy of Specialized Product and Specialized Usage.

Brand - Sentech (Square - 200x200)


Sentech Headquartered in Korea manufactures and supplies high quality breathalysers and gas detectors used in a variety of sectors and workplaces.

Brand - Ecomed (Square - 200x200)


Ecomed with the vision that everyone who enters hospitals or other healthcare institutions should be adequately protected against infection. Ecomed has the most cutting-edge innovative technology incorporated into the disposable antimicrobial cubicle curtains in order to reduce and eliminate the infection unseen.

Brand - Evacusafe (Square - 200x200)


Evacusafe UK Established in 2005 is the world-leading manufacturer of specialised evacuation equipment designed for the safe escape of mobility-impaired people

Together, Al Maqam Medical Supplies LLC and Evacusafe offer evacuation chairs to help the Middle East’s People of determination, Vulnerable and least mobile clients Evacuate quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Brand - GPS (Square - 200x200)


GPS Established in 1982 and quickly grew in popularity as a top manufacturer of disposable medical supplies for electrosurgery and gynaecology in Europe. In Europe, GPS was the first company to produce single-use Vaginal Specula.

Aveus is committed to provide the best quality healthcare products that ensure the greatest chance of survival. Aveus offers wide range of medical equipment to the healthcare industry e.g. Digital Scale, Patient Monitor, Vital Signs Monitor etc.


Aveus is committed to provide the best quality healthcare products that ensure the greatest chance of survival. Aveus offers a wide range of medical equipment to the healthcare industry e.g. Digital Scale, Patient Monitor, Vital Signs Monitor etc.

Brand - Pedia Pals (Square - 200x200)

Pedia Pals

Pedia Pals specializes in manufacturing Children’s Medical Equipment & Furniture. With the Purpose to transform the healthcare environment into a space that naturally calms children and allows Doctors to focus on delivering the highest quality healthcare experience.

Brand - Water Safety (Square - 200x200)

Water Safety

Since 1989 Water Safety, based in the United States of America, have been a provider of swimwear, clothing, and equipment renowned for great quality. 

Brand - Allied Hygiene (Square - 200x200)

Allied Hygiene

Allied Hygiene is one of the Leading Manufacturers of wet and dry wipes based in the UK and has a distribution network that spans both domestic and international Markets.

Brand - Crest Medical (Square - 200x200)

Crest Medical

Crest Medical is a well-known UK brand operating for more than 20 years. Specialised in occupational health they provide a wide variety of first aid and medical items. Biohazard Kits, First Aid Kits, Bandages, Dressings, and Plasters are just a few of their item offered in their large product range.

Brand - Kiato (Square - 200x200)


Kiato which is a brand of kehr surgical Private Limited India has been a leader in India’s Surgical Blade and Scalpel Industry. With nearly five decades of experience meeting more than 10% of worldwide demand, Kehr surgical Private Limited is truly a global leader.

Brand - Holtsch (Square - 200x200)


Holtsch develops products that help people. This is what has been driving their inventive spirit for three generations. Their innovative products are developed in close collaboration with users from the medical sector. After all, we consider it our vocation to make their profession easier.